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While returning the area to a natural freshwater wetland system was a primary goal of the restoration project, equally important was providing recreational access and opportunities for community members. It is our hope that people use the Greenway Heritage Trail and the new fabulous Overlook at the Gateway Park  for walking, running and bird watching. The new boardwalks at Dexter's Mill Crossing and Swift's Crossing (the former Middle Dam) enable people to cross over the river, or to stand and watch it flow by underneath them. Access to the river has been maintained in several places for kids and adults to explore, look for fish and frogs or just sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of a river running free. Take the advice of the poster below, from The 300 Committee.

The area is yours to enjoy!

Dexter's Mill Crossing
Overlook at Gateway Park
Kid tubing down the river
View of the river from the Overlook
Poster horizontal.pptx.png
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