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Watch some of these short videos to learn more about the Coonamessett River Restoration project

Videos by Alison Leschen

Coonamessett River Restoration: Results of Phase 1.

(6:41). Learn how biologists are measuring the success of the project in terms of habitat created, number and diversity of species, etc.

Herring tagging. (6:40). Learn about the herring tagging and "Adopt-a-herring" program that the Coonamessett River Trust has been carrying out for years. The tagging provides information about how the fish move through the river system, where they get stuck, and where they are more vulnerable to predation. This in turn helped prioritize what areas or features of the river to prioritize for restoration.

Coonamessett River Restoration: Phase 2 Groundbreaking. (3:19) Public officials and volunteers talk about how they look forward to repeating the success of Phase one going forward in Phase 2.

Coonamessett River Restoration from above. (1:31). Drone footage flying over the scope of the project.

Coonamessett River Phase 1 dedication. (1:44). A fun short showing how happy everyone was to see this project get started.

Coonamessett River Restoration. (5:03). Before construction began, experts and locals talk about what will happen and why, and what they look forward to.

Coonamessett River Restoration: Phase 2 construction. (1:24). A birds-eye view of the construction in process.

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